Artist's Statement

My paintings are representational rather than literal. For me, that means a
realistic but stylized ideology of a scene that evokes the mood or emotion at
a particular moment in time. I strive to interpret the inherent vitality of nature.
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Valerie Walden     Artist's Statement                     
I  create in soft pastels or oil paints.

I love the tactile application of pastels and the
mixing and blending that is done with my fingers. It
allows an intimate involvement in the work, which I
hope contributes to the sentiment a viewer
experiences. Pastels are applied to Wallis archival
paper that has a grit to it, capturing dozens of
layers of pigment.

My oil paintings are more tonal and reflect quieter,
more harmonious moments. I love painting in oil on
linen because it permits such a wide range of sizes.
My work can be as large as 4 feet by 6 feet. While
my recent oil series of 30 paintings are all only 4
inches by 6 inches.
Most of my nature scenes were first done Plein Air. I believe that there is
great benefit to being a true witness to a scene before attempting to recreate
it in a controlled studio setting. For example, my recent summer series
reflects those fleeting moments in time when a father is teaching his son how
to fish, or a woman pauses to take a rest on a swing under a large oak tree.

I endeavor to convey the feelings of these precious intervals of time.
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